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Cable Restraints, Snares & Drowners

Complete Cable Restraints
Made with 7x7x3/32 or 1x9 cable, 350 Breakaway, 285 S-hook, 350 J-hook, your choice of 180-degree Reverse Bend Lock or Micro Lock. Select from 48-inch, 60-inch or 72-inch.
Complete Drowner Cables
Made with 1/8 or 3/32 cable with 10- feet lengths.
Cable Ties
Made with 7x7x3/32 cable. Choose from 6 foot, 10 foot and DP lengths.
Select Cable Restraint
Select Lock
Complete Snares
Made with your choice of size,cable and lock lock. Select from 48-inch, 60-inch or 72-inch.
Select Snare Size
Select Cable Size
Select Lock

Release Ferrules
300 pound, for 3/32 7x7 cable.

180 Degree Reverse Bend Lock
Restraint Cable
7x7x3/32. Choose from 1000 feet, 500 feet, or by-the-foot lengths.
9 Gauge Swivels
Cable Restraint With Swivel
These restraints come equipped with a 600-pound swivel which helps keep the cable from separating or unwinding. Available in 60" and 72".
Select Snare Size
Select Lock
High Fence Snare
Made from 1x19x5/64 cable, these snares come equipped with your choice of lock, plus a 7x7x3/32 pintail. These snares are specially made for the high fences in Texas.
$22.00 - dozen
Mink Snare
Our mink snare is 1x19 with a BMI Mink Lock. It makes a 4-inch loop with an in-line ball bearing swivel.
$16.00 - dozen

Cable Restraints
1x19 - 48", 60" & 72" with mid swivels. Call us for special orders!

Single Stops (Ferrules)
Pack of 100
Double Stops (Ferrules)
Pack of 100
Support Collars
Fits 3/32 cable and 9 gauge wire
$13.00 - 100 Count

Micro Locks

Cable Cutters
$34.00 - each
Mini Deer Stops
$9.00 - 100 Pack

Slim Locks

$32.00 - 100

Breakaway S-Hook
285 pound release

$25.00 - 100

Breakaway J-Hook
350 pound release

$25.00 - 100

9 Gauge Support Wire
3.5 pounds, about 62 feet

$7.50 - 62 feet
$21.00 - 100 Count
$25.00 - 100 Count
$25.00 - 100 Count
$25.00 - 100 Count