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Chubb's Lure for the Trapline

Chubb's Fox Lure
Chubb's Coon #1
Chubb's Coon #2
Chubb's Gator Oil
Great as a lure ingredient, or use alone on a set. Its unique odor attracts canines and is a great change-up.
Chubb's Poplar Bud Oil
Very attractive for beaver, but also great for muskrat and coon.
Chubb's Birch Oil
Oily, fragrant and long lasting, this oil is great for spring beaver and also for muskrat.
Chubb's Raccoon Bait
Chubb's Fresh Ground Mouse Bait
The most natural bait available for predator trapping. The perfect attractor!

Chubb's Bait for the Trapline