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Supplies & Tools

Berkshire Fleshing Knife
This double edged knife is a professional grade knife perfect for all fur shed uses.

Economy Fleshing Knife
Single side knife, available in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes.

Wiebe Skinning Knife

$3.50 - each
Tail Stripper
Easily helps separate tailbone from fur pelt.
$4.00 - each

Tail Splitter
Opens the de-boned tail of a furbearer in seconds.

$54.00 - each
$12.00 - each

Rubber Apron
Helps keep clothing clean while in the fur shed.

$11.00 - each
$9.00 - box of 100

Push Pins
A must for those who use wood stretchers. Helps secure pelts to the board.