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Hawbaker Lure for the Trapline

Hawbaker Wiley Red 500
One of the best sellers, especially fine for October through cold weather January trapping.
Hawbaker Long Distance Call 600
Ideal for fox and coyote. A powerful lure that will pay you extra dollars in more furs called to your traps.
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Hawbaker Big Three
A lure developed for use in water trapping of mink, muskrats, and raccoon.
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Hawbaker Concentrated Clam Oil
This strong, natural shellfish aroma has an oily base that resists rain.
$7.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$12.00 - 4.5 ounce bottle
$12.00 - 4.5 ounce bottle
Leggett's K-9 Exciter #1
Produces a mild odor. Gives you fewer traps dug out, more fur on stretcher; fewer non-targeted species.No other bait or urine needed. Designed for year round usage. Directions on bottle.
Leggett's K-9 Exciter #2
Great for all season, the preferred lure for cold weather. Will not contaminate your equipment like other lures do! No other bait or urine needed.  Directions on bottle.
Hawbaker Lure
Leggetts Lure
Leggett's Feline Exciter
Feline Exciter is a totally liquid lure and dispensed from a squirt bottle. No lure holder is necessary. Do not use with any other bait, lure or urines. A few drops is all that is needed.
$12.00 - 4.5 ounce bottle