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Opossum Hollow Trapping Lure

Opossum Hollow All Season Canine
Will work on every sense the canine has making his mouth water and keeping him at the set longer. It will also reach out on those nasty nights when the fur is moving.
Opossum Hollow Autumn Harvest
An early season canine lure. There is no skunk, so it's not loud. What it is, is a fur taker and works equally well on reds, grays, and yotes. It is a musk type lure that works well on pups, adults, pinched toes, no toes!
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Opossum Hollow Canine Food Lure
A mix of the canine and feline favorite foods blended and processed into a thick waterproof paste.
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Opossum Hollow M.M.G.
A true fox-in-a-bottle smell with some side notes added to reach out and pull them in.
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Opossum Hollow B.O.B.
Bobcat Olfactory Blend works on all aspects of the bobcats senses. This lure is second to none and will surprise you on how many coyotes and fox it will pick up on your cat lines.
Opossum Hollow Depth Charge
Super charged castor lure creates an explosion of scent in the air and on the water. The reaction to this lure is devastating.
Opossum Hollow Sucker Punch
This beaver food lure is Opossum Hollow's industry standard by which all others are measured. Place a stick in and it will not come off, and will keep attracting for weeks.
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Opossum Hollow Musquash
This muskrat lure is chock-full of spring rat glands, oils and two little known ingredients that create the calling power and attraction of this lure.
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Opossum Hollow Voodoo
This coon lure is intense with a burning sweet smell that blasts out of the bottle followed by subtle notes on the back side. Cold and wet nights are when this lure really shines.
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
Opossum Hollow Coon Shine
190 proof amped-up Fortified Shellfish Bait! It will cut the night air like a razor and have them ringtails falling over themselves to get to it!
$8.00 - 8 ounce bottle
Opossum Hollow Last Supper
Any predator that gets a smell of this bait will investigate thoroughly and repeatedly until caught. Give them what they want - a full course meal with all the fixings.
$8.00 - 8 ounce bottle
$8.00 - 8 ounce bottle
Opossum Hollow Lock Jaw
This meat paste bait is done up right and aged just long enough to give it the right amount of power to push out of the hole. It also is spiked with the perfect amount of extras to really call in fox, bobcat & coyote.
Opossum Hollow Lure
Opossum Hollow Trapping Lure