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Predator Control Group (PCG) Lure

PCG Booty Call Coyote Lure
This lure is a true fresh coyote gland lure. No fillers to bulk up this natural lure. Coyotes want to smell the booty, not filler. Gland lure is needed to play in the big leagues with adult coyotes.

PCG Booty Call Bobcat Lure
A true fresh gland lure. Cats love to smell what other cats are up to. No filler here, just booty glands.

PCG Fur Check Lure
The name says it all. This is a thick high powered lure that calls out on the wind. This lure gets the paw traffic that all trappers want and need. Works great on dirt holes and flat sets for fox, bobcat and coyote.

PCG Gator Bait
This bait is a three meat base with the right gator parts added into the bait formula. The oil that is in the bait eats rain for breakfast. If your dirt hole fills up with rain, the oil will still be working on top of the water and also coating the side of the hole as the water level drops, and you're still catching fur.
A great coyote bait they'll dig and claw to get to!

PCG Primal Paste Bait
A bait that works year around. A two meat base that works four ages of coyotes, cats and fox. Loaded with musks and oils that keep'em digging and stepping all over the place. No serious predator man would not have a couple pints of this in his arsenal.

PCG Bait for the Trapline

PCG Enranger Lure
This is a beaver lure that has taken the beaver world by force. The USDA buys it several cases at a time. The reason is simple, it is a beaver serial killer. Not just another castor lure.

PCG Boss Dog Lure
This coyote lure is a killer on adult coyotes due to the musky call ingredients that keep kicking.

Predator Control Group lures and baits are the same ones they use all across the country while performing predator and beaver control. They make Their living from the same scents they sell. They don't fill bottles with weak and cheap lures for higher profit. They don't make lure and baits to work under perfect conditions for only a few weeks a year as we hobby trap. These are high quality lures and baits at affordable prices you wont want to miss!
$16.00 - 16 ounce jar
$16.00 - 16 ounce jar
PPG Bait
PPG Lure
$13.00 - 2 ounces
$13.00 - 2 ounces
$13.00 - 2 ounces
$13.00 - 2 ounces
$26.00 - 4 ounces