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Professional Grade Lure
Pro Grade Circle Maker
Really makes the fox & coyote slobber and dig. Also one of the best bobcat lures available.
$11.00 - 2 ounce bottle
$11.00 - 2 ounce bottle
$11.00 - 2 ounce bottle
$11.00 - 2 ounce bottle

Pro Grade Urine Spike
By adding a 2 oz. bottle of Urine Spike to a half-gallon of a good quality red fox urine you create one the most deadly fox and coyote lures ever made.

Pro Grade Red Fox Gland
This lure is made with the very best red fox glands, aged and handled right. A thick, creamy lure with a deep, rich odor.

Pro Grade Bobcat Gland
Thick and well aged lure with that "sweet" bobcat odor combined with several ingredients that enhance and enforce that odor.

Troup's Squeaker Bait

Troup's Bait

Troup's Gotcha
Food, gland and curiosity call lure with a castor smell. A good combination lure for fox, coyote, bobcat & raccoons.

Troup's Vapor Trail
A food based call lure with a cheese and egg base with skunk, civet, food and curiosity ingredients. Canines, bobcats, late season raccoon call.

Troup's Triple XL
This water lure has a berry core for odor, with a fragrant call that reaches out for coon. You can smell this lure far away from your set. Raccoon, fox & muskrat.

Troup's Dirt Hole Dynamite
A food curiosity lure with a sweet musky odor. A unique, one-of-a-kind base. Great for grays, reds, raccoon, mink & coyotes.

Troup's Pocket Pill
This lure could be in the food curiosity call lure row for canines & bobcats because it also works great for them. Originally designed for mink pocket sets. Specially processed eel oil with mink glands & other enticing food & curiosity odors. Mink, canines & raccoon.

$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$6.00 - 1 ounce bottle
$5.00 - 4 ounce bottle

Troup's Whitewater Bait

$5.00 - 4 ounce bottle